Boom crypt in Latin America: comes to know what new exchange arrives in the region and what will offer you

Boom crypt in Latin America: comes to know what new exchange arrives in the region and what will offer you

Boom crypt in Latin America: comes to know what new exchange arrives in the region and what will offer you

Cryptocurrencies are having an outstanding boom of this last time, despite the recent landslides of the majority of these currencies.This impulse growth, in turn, to the exchanges of crypto exchange with unpublished profits for their businesses.

Thus, many of them take advantage of this development to expand towards new territories.One of the many is Bitget, derivative platform, Spot and Copy Trade, which announced its landing to Latin America, Cointelegraph Spanish reported on January 25.

The Crypt company confirmed that they are testing its system, with great advances in its technological structure, in order to offer stability and safety in the region, as its business expands by the countries of Latin America, addingTwo new languages for its brand new Public Objective: Spanish and Portuguese.

Bitget, el exchange de criptomonedas singapurense, desembarca en América Latina

"Bitget's entry into Latin America comes with many novelties, promotions and, above all, security. Exchange is increasingIt will be different, expanding the members and friends of the brand, "said Youyou Tian, responsible in Latin America of Bitget.

Recently, the firm made renowned agreements such as the one achieved with the Italian Juventus club, becoming one of the main sponsors of the football team.

On the other hand, last year it launched its Foresht Ventures product, a platform to have official alliances with important blockchain entities in the sector such as Avalanche and Arweave.

The Exchange already has on its website with the native languages of Latin America, allowing the residents of the region to access an extension list of services, including: derived products, cash operations, launch platform and operations of operations ofCopy Trade.

How to operate with crypts in Argentina

Both the exchanges and the P2P platforms must comply with certain safety standards such as KYC (know their client) and antilavado laws.Therefore, to register, we will have to:

Boom cripto en Latinoamérica: llega conocé qué nuevo exchange llega a la región y qué te ofrecerá

Carried out this process, we must expect the validation of identity.It can be instantaneous (in the case of Argentine platforms, since they have direct connection with the systems of the National Registry of people, Renaper);or we will have to wait (a few hours or a couple of days for outside services)

Prácticamente todas las plataformas de intercambio de criptomonedas poseen una fase de validación, para asegurar la seguridad del usuario

In all cases, the functionalities will be limited until the user's identity is checked.And there will be different ways to operate according to each platform:

  • Plataformas P2P: los intercambios son entre personas, por lo tanto:
  • Maneuvers

    In addition to the sale of digital assets, these platforms offer some methods to make savings taking advantage of contribution differences

    Puré 4.0

    It is based, neither more nor less, on buying tickets at the official price and "bursting them" (or making them "puree") in the informal market, winning with the exchange gap.

    Version 4.0 of this operation consists of some more steps.An expert in Bitcoins affirms Iproup that with cryptocurrencies it is done as follows:

    "You sure leave at least 20% more pesos, since most use a price between the cash with liquidation and the Blue," says a consulted source.

    The same source reveals that you can buy today and wait to sell on Sunday, since the dollar market does not operate and the crypto does, so the supply and demand after a rising week closing will make a good difference be gone.

    Rulo 4.0

    The "rulo" was an operation that marked a boom last year, when the Macri government set the first stocks that limited the purchase to US $ 10,000 per month.It is more sophistication and also greater profits.

    In this case:

    Quickly, the Central Bank and the National Securities Commission broke the operation.

    Las nuevas tecnologías permiten dolarizar ahorros sin pasar por los bancos

    Currently, new technologies offer another way of making the "rulo", through gift cards, which are quoted in dollars.

    Levar describes a maneuver that grows among Argentines:

    "In addition, you can invest without silver: you published in Mercado Libre and once you closed the sale, with those funds you buy the card on AirTM and you pass the code to the buyer," says the local representative of the platform that already has more than more than15,000 active users in the country.

    In this way, taking into account the commissions, about $ 22 are earned (the commission of 13% of sales in Mercado Libre must be deducted) for every $ 100 used each time the rul is repeated.Being a dynamic market, quotes vary all the time.

    "There is a lot of demand in market free of these cards," he warns, and adds that the operation is so popular on the platform that it already has its own name: it is not called "rulo", but "cyclar" the funds.

    Counted with liqui 4.0

    Sophisticated savers are surely reviewed every day the price of the "Conta With Liqui", which arises from buying shares of a company (with pesos) in Argentina and selling them (in dollars) abroad.

    It is a legal way to dollarize without touching the quota.In general, a better price is achieved than that of the Blue and the funds are out of the country.

    In version 4.0, instead of shares it is possible to buy:

    "Cajed with crypt"

    In the first case, you simply have to enter an exchange and acquire "stable" coins.A value close to Blue is achieved and among them are, for example these three: DAI, USD Coin (USDC) or Tether (USDT).

    Once the currencies are obtained, they can be stored in the wallet offered by the exchange (the latter may be, for example, Satoshitango, bitso or goodbit).

    The most familiar users opt for the so -called wallets without "custody", in which the account data does not have them a third party (as in the previous case), although it is impossible to recover the two keys to operate:

    Those who opt for this option find alternatives such as status, metamask or Argent that allow access to decentralized applications (DAPPS) that provide different types of investments.

    Status es una billetera cripto que permite a usar protocolos DeFi de manera privada

    "Had balance"

    To have the "cash" abroad, you must first count on an account in an entity in another country, such as Dukascopy, a Swiss digital bank that offers:

    The requirements to register are to have an Argentine passport, fill out a form and verify data in a video call with a bank operator.Then, a P2P service such as the Argentine, the American Paxful is used.

    Dukascopy permite obtener una tarjeta prepaga del exterior en la que depositar el saldo de PayPal o Bitcoins

    In this way, the user must enter the amount of weights to be changed (you can use bank accounts and Fintech) and transfer them to an account in Europe.The system is responsible for looking for people who buy those weights and deposit its equivalent in euros.

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    "What we do is connect people who are going to transaction digital balances. 100% of the operations are covered. If something happens, we respond. The user does not worry about security or exchanges," Pablo Reyes told Iproup Pablo Reyes, Founder and CEO of

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