Greater scope and positioning of the hand marketing

Greater scope and positioning of the hand marketing

Greater scope and positioning of the hand marketing

An aspect that makes the difference is to clearly define the objectives for the campaign.



Deliver content to attract and strengthen the connection, fundamental when developing a strategy.



Digital marketing


True content

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With the passage of time new challenges arise, which are linked to the advances, innovations and new technologies that arrive without stopping.The challenges for multiple sectors have been large and generate initiatives that are committed to the digital ‘marketing’ and that really provide a competitive advantage and a greater visibility of the brand is an example of this.

And today, technology allows organizations to identify and attract new customers.For this reason, you can take advantage of the information of a number of sources, among which are the 'online' and 'offline' transactions, the 'marketing' activities, the interactions of services, social networks and even the dataof devices based on Internet technology of things (IoT) to obtain a complete vision of the clientand unique moments.From the Hill+Knowlton Strategies Communications and Public Relations Agency, they say that for anyone the importance of 'marketing' is a secret, since this is one of the medular administrative processes developed by institutions and companies, to grow and carry out aappropriate management that allows to provide for a hopeful future.“It has arrived to be located as one of the most effective techniques of the digital age, not only to capture new customers, but also to loyalty to those who have already bought once.Taking this into account, the contents must be relevant to the user and above all original ”, they indicate.And they emphasize that if the content that is created is not specifically and personalized to a target audience, the ‘marketing’ strategy will not help.Para Juan Ernesto Parra, vicepresidente de la Región Andina en Hill & Knowlton strategies “El ‘marketing’ de contenidos que hace parte del conocido ‘inbound marketing’, es la oportunidad para posicionar el liderazgo intelectual, cuando en paralelo se agrega valor a cada audiencia.At this time where digital consumption is part of the daily life of users, it is essential that companies, governments and other references actively participate in these channels, adapting the contents to the agility and interaction that the platforms allow ”.On the other hand, Silvana Dakduk, director of the masters in marketing and in finance of the University of the Andes, points out that the 'marketing' of content is valuable, since it constitutes the tool for linking between the needs of the client and the attributes ofthe goods and services, but narrated from the consumer's perspective.In turn, he affirms that communication purposes are classically divided into advertising, promotion, public relations and direct marketing ’.“Of this set, advertising is the component that is intended to build on the positioning of the brand, based on the dissemination of its promise of value, an activity that can be carried out in different media and with different activities, according to the 'target ', business area, product maturity, level of competition in the sector, among others.The notion of ‘marketing’ of content, although it has charged boom in the digital era, is not a new concept, ”he says.

Recomendaciones que hacen la diferencia

There is no doubt that in order to succeed in different contexts it is essential.It is for this reason that María Fernanda Farfán, a teacher of the specialization in Strategic Marketing Management of the UNAD, says that it is key to define the Buyer person very well, because by segmenting much more concretely the target audience and knowing data on what it is likeYour working life, how is your day to day, what hobbies you have, what are your goals, what needs you have, etc., you can create content that connects with it and also define the means where these products are going to take, it isSay the social channels to use."Another fundamental aspect is to clearly define the objectives for the‘ marketing ’campaign of content, as well as the KPI and their goals, in order to analyze the results and take actions in case you have to correct," he says.He also mentions that it is useful to be updated and know what the trends are, what is happening in the segment and especially knowing that the competition is doing in terms of its content strategy.In the same way it is essential to define a frequency of publication of the contents, have a good presence without saturating, but neither is it not enough to position yourself.On the other hand, Dakduk recommends that space or failing the message be independent for other communication purposes.“You cannot position and sell in the same message or not at least with the same levels of effectiveness.Therefore it is suggested to separate both purposes, especially in the stage of consolidation and development of brands.Additionally, the information delivered must revolve around the promise of value of the brand, but focused on the needs of the consumer and not on the attributes of the product.Keep in mind that when consumers perceive that there are commercial interests in these actions, they distrust, activate their alarms and resist being persuaded, even when the active search is to acquire the product ”.The expert comments that the problem to meet these recommendations is that many organizations, of course, think from what they sell and not from the needs they meet.Likewise, sometimes the negative impact of combining both elements is dismissed, especially in a world of information empowered information and adverse to explicit persuasion.Finally, advertising has always has an impact on the sale, but indirect, because it generates approach with the audience and contributes to close the GAP in the conversion process.On the other hand, it emphasizes saying that delivering the appropriate content to the interests, motivations and needs of the segment is crucial to build a relationship with that public.“These actions are translated into brand memory, first indicator of the value of a brand.As well as empathy, fidelity and affection by the brand ”, complements.

Términos claves

Mayor alcance y posicionamiento de la mano del marketing digital

Among these are the concepts of Tofu (Top of the Funnel), Mobu (Midle of the Funnel) and Bofu (Botton of Funnel).According to Dakduk the first refers to consciousness, the second to the evaluation and the third to the conversion.“An easy way to understand it is that relationships evolve, at the beginning customers seek information not products but their problems.To the extent that the consumer begins its evaluation process, it is time to change the purpose of the advertising content to position, to deliver the brand information.At this stage, the more specialized the audience and more involvement exists with the good or service, it is suggested that this information be bilateral, that is, to show the brand and its benefits, but also to the competitors.Finally, when the client advances in its evaluation, the actions must be explicit to generate the client's conversion (subscriptions, free tests, testimonies, among others) ”.While Farfán emphasizes that it is convenient to develop or guide the contents for each phase of the ‘funnel’, in this way it is much more effective, achieving conversion.He says that in the Tofu phase it is where there are more users looking for information and should be provided to attract them to the web.The objective of the content strategy for this phase of the ‘funnel’ is to share valuable information that solves the needs of users and helps them understand their problem.In the MOFU the user has already shown interest in the product.It has already reached the website and the objective is to make it ‘Lead’, and for this the user must be offered more specialized in exchange for registering their data.In the contents you can talk about the benefits of the brand, and it is very important to show success cases, because at this stage the user is in constant comparison.Finally he concludes by saying that the BOFU is the final part of the funnel to close the conversion cycle."Here are already the users who have decided on the company or brand, in this the content must be oriented in converting‘ leads ’into buyers, so this content must already be personalized, with demonstrations, free tests etc.".If you want to know how to have an optimal ‘marketing’ strategy of content visit https: // the concentive to contact our commercial force to receive personalized advice: Mary Luz Molano,, Miguel Mora, and Juan Pablo Bejarano,

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