How to avoid the demons of social networks? - Newspaper of Alava

 How to avoid the demons of social networks?  - Newspaper of Alava

How to avoid the demons of social networks? - Newspaper of Alava


'Cyber ​​insurance'

The initiative of the BCSC (Basque Cybersecurity Center) aims to raise awareness through the responsible use of new technologies

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The Basque CyberSecurity Center (BCSC) launches an initiative whose objective is to promote awareness and awareness of cybersecurity from inclusion, diversity and tolerance in childhood and adolescence. To do this, it has the support of Friendly Screens and the social network Twitter, the latter positioning itself as a transversal partner of the campaign and the main channel of the action. In addition, throughout it it will have the involvement of various Basque agents and institutions such as Hirukide.

From the BCSC, they consider that training in digital skills and cybersecurity for children, adolescents and their families is essential so that they can develop skills that allow them to participate actively on the Internet, knowing the challenges that can be found on it and knowing how to act before them. Within the work of raising public awareness, there is teaching minors to prevent, identify and face the most common risks to which they can be exposed today in the field of the Internet and new connected technologies.

With the slogan En Ciber, Cibersegurola, the campaign aims to apply to the digital sphere a colloquial expression that continues to be used in our streets to refer to the person who does not take risks and tries to act prudently and safely. Throughout it, special attention will also be paid to groups of people with different physical or cognitive abilities, since the use of new technologies affects Basque society as a whole.

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¿Cómo evitar los demonios de las redes sociales? - Diario de Noticias de Alava

These groups, especially people with reduced hearing or intellectual capacity, must also be able to take advantage of all the opportunities of the Internet safely. To this end, some awareness-raising resources have been adapted to their specific abilities, seeking their full and safe inclusion in today's digitalized society.

Throughout the present 2022, the initiative will focus each month on a different topic that serves to raise awareness among families.

— Responsible sharing: This raises the repercussions that uploading an image of a minor to the Internet can have. When is the privacy and security of minors at risk?— Cybersecurity in video games: It is great fun to play with your gang online, but that carries some risks that both gamers and parents should be aware of.— Positive digital parenting : It implies promoting mediation practices in the family that are effective in guaranteeing a fuller and safer digital life.— Positive cyber coexistence: We must know the importance of sharing other people's data on the Internet, identity theft and respect for other people to limit cyberbullying. It aims to help promote the concept of digital citizenship according to which all people have rights, but also responsibilities in a shared Internet.— Disinformation and hoaxes: Learn to distinguish between true information, information based on hoaxes and false information. It is important not to be transmitters of hoaxes in order to put an end to disinformation and contribute to creating a healthy and safe environment on the Internet. In addition, critical thinking is an essential skill to make good decisions and not be a victim, among other things, of possible cybercrimes.— Netiquette: Promote good manners to encourage cyber coexistence and enjoyment of the Internet and social networks. In this way, young people will be able to acquire some voluntary guidelines to share vital space in social networks with a respectful and conscious attitude.— Tolerance on the Internet: Respect others, avoiding in the long term the creation of discriminatory attitudes and hoaxes on the Internet. All of us can contribute with our behavior so that the digital context is more inclusive and full of opportunities.

The BCSC is the organization designated by the Basque Government to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country. Its mission is to promote and develop a culture of cybersecurity in Basque society, boost economic activity related to the application of cybersecurity and strengthen the professional sector. It is a transversal initiative that represents the Basque Government's commitment to its companies and citizens in the field of cybersecurity.

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