Proven Inexpensive Way to Take Better Macro Shots

Proven Inexpensive Way to Take Better Macro Shots

Proven Inexpensive Way to Take Better Macro Shots

Proven Inexpensive Way to Take Better Macro Shots

Advancements in smartphone technology have pushed the art of taking photos with your mobile phone into the mainstream. Mobile macro photography is now a viable option and it’s gaining popularity fast.

Macro photography has been around for quite some time. But it is only with the advent of macro lenses that made mobile macro photography available to the masses.

So how do you take breath-taking macro shots with your smartphones? Easy, you pair your mobile phone with a macro lens. The next step is a bit more complicated as it would involve using the lens.

And, there’s a lot to get right before you make the magic happen. Because that’s what it’s all about making the mundane spectacular. With mobile macro lenses, which cost less than their DSLR counterparts, macro photography is doable.

How to Use Macro Lens

1. Choose the right macro lens

First thing first. You need to get your hands on some macro lens.

Several popular brands make macro lenses. Most of them can be attached to most phones however it’s best to check for compatibility first. Easy Macro, for example, is universal but Moment Macro Lens requires an additional case.

There is varying magnification with 15x being the sweet spot. If you want 25x then that’s okay but do know the picture will be abstract.

Lastly, there’s convenience and price. Attaching the lens wouldn’t be hard for most models. Having the right balance between price and quality might be tricky though. We’ll give a short guide on the best products out there.

2. Understanding Basic Macrophotography

The thing about using a macro lens in your phone is you have to get close to the subject, and hopefully achieve the focus that you want. Because of the inherent nature of macro photography, there is a recommended object size, and everything else will be blurry.

One other thing to understand is focal length. It means how wide of an angle we can see, and how large the objects would appear. A longer focal length means less field of view and larger magnifications.

Focal length is in millimeters, and it’s a useful thing to understand.

3. Using the Macro Lens

You need to be close when capturing macro shots, and you need to have steady hands. Consider a tripod if you plan to indoor shots. You need to find the right distance between your camera lens and the object. Do this carefully.

Achieving the perfect focus is the hardest part of macro photography. Don’t be discouraged if the first few tries don’t work well.

Bonus tip: Capture multiple pictures by holding the capture button or using burst mode. This minimizes movement on your part. When it comes to shooting macro shots getting the focus right is hard. You need to be steady and the distance has to be perfect.

3. Turn on the Lights

There isn’t much room for lack of light in macro photography. It’s best to go out on a sunny day or bring some artificial light when capturing indoors.

4. Know Your Subject and Background

There are some things you need to know about what the subject will be. The background is just as important too.

You want to have patience when trying to capture something candid in nature. Chances are insects would move before you even get close, and the background needs to be clean.  In fact, the background which would be dictated by your angle needs to bring out the best in the details of your main object.

5. Edits Are Recommended

Changing the vibrance, hue, saturation, etc. might be the only thing that might make a good photo great. 

Also, there might be times wherein you need to crop or take some ‘imperfections’ out of the photo. And that’s where Photoshop or other editing tools comes in handy.

Tips on Using Macro Lens 

Proven Inexpensive Way to Take Better Macro Shots

This might seem basic but remember to wipe clean the lens before using them. And of course, keep them scratch-free.

If you go for the top of the line then you will probably buy a moment macro lens. In which case, try removing the diffuser hood and download their app. Those two tips will improve your shots immensely.

If you are looking for an entry-level macro lens then an easy macro lens is your best option. 

Magniband is also a strong contender. You might be better of with bundles too as other niches become available to you. Take ACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit or Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit then your mobile phone would be a photography monster

Finally, if you don’t want to spend extra money on  micro phones and are looking for phones with macro capabilities, then HONOR 50 camera, Xiaomi Mi 10i’s camera,and Samsung Galaxy A42’s camera are some of the popular ones.

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