Review: Acer Spin 3, a 360º convertible with good autonomy and stylus included

Review: Acer Spin 3, a 360º convertible with good autonomy and stylus included

Review: Acer Spin 3, a 360º convertible with good autonomy and stylus included

The new Acer Spin 3 laptop is an interesting convert with 360º tactile display and rotating hing.Our review will thoroughly analyze what this team gives of itself that is committed to versatility and creative potential.

Versatility of the 360º rotating screen, which allows you to use it as a tablet, conventional portable, in "tent" to watch video or presentation mode, perfect for displaying slides or similar content.

Intel Iris XE integrated graphic power also provides new possibilities for light gaming.For its part, at the creative level we will be very useful for the Acer Active Stylus tactile pencil, which allows you to draw, take notes or make schemes with precision.

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We are facing an adequate equipment for various user profiles, and with adjusted price given their performance.In addition, we talk about a fairly transportable laptop, which with its 13.3 inches of screen and 15.9 mm thick facilitates mobility, although the weight of 1.5 kg remains above mobility focused equipment such as AcerSwift 5.

Versatile design with 360º hinge

Acer Spin 3 is a laptop with good finishes, which offer a solid and careful construction for its range, and has a fairly wide connectivity.Silver and black finishes give it a rather neutral touch, adapting to any environment.

The 13.3 -inch screen dominates the front, the bezels around them are not too narrow, although in the convertibles with 360º this is quite frequent:

In addition to using conventional laptop, Acer Spin 3 has the presentation mode, perfect for showing PowerPoint slides, or even video:

The tent mode is the ideal for the video, yes, we must use a very stable table or surface when placing the equipment:

Brawing the keyboard it is possible to use the tablet mode, where the tactile stylus is especially useful:

Taking a look at the right side we have in Stylus tactile in its slot, the ignition button, a USB port to 3.2 Gen 1, the corresponding 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a Kensington safety slot:

On the left side we find the DC load connector, 2 USB C ports with Thunderbolt 4, the HDMI 2 video output.0b, a USB port 3.2 Gen 2 capable of loading devices with the pc off and the microSD slot.

Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N, specifications

In general, this latest version of Acer Spin 3 offers a competent technical record, and in general balanced for any use.While there are several models, this is the Spin 3 SP313-51N that we have tried during the review:

  1. Pantalla: 13,3 pulgadas IPS 2K (2.560 × 1.600 px) táctil, con color 100% sRGB.
  2. Formato: convertible con bisagra giratoria 360º.
  3. Procesador: Intel Core i5-1135G7 de 8 núcleos hasta 2,4 GHz.
  4. Gráfica: Intel Iris Xe.
  5. Memoria: 8 GB de RAM LPDDR4x.
  6. Almacenamiento: 512 GB de SSD PCIe, con ranura para microSD
  7. Webcam: HD con 2 micrófonos
  8. Redes: WiFi 6 (ax) y Bluetooth.
  9. Puertos: 2 x USB C con Thunderbolt 4, USB A 3.2 Gen 2 (carga con el equipo apagado), USB A 3.2 Gen 1, salida HDMI 2.0b y jack de 3,5 mm.
  10. Extras: lápiz táctil (Wacom AES 1.0) y doble altavoz, opcionales lector de huellas y teclado retroiluminado.
  11. Batería: 48 Wh con carga rápida.
  12. Sistema operativo: Windows 10 Home 64 bits.
  13. Dimensiones y peso: 30,2 × 22,2 × 1,59 cm y 1,5 kg.
  14. Precio: desde 599 euros (según configuración).

Purchase: Acer Spin 3 (Amazon)

16:10 screen with 2K resolution

Review: Acer Spin 3, un convertible 360º con buena autonomía y stylus incluido

In Acer Spin 3 we have a 13.3 -inch screen with resolution 2.560 x 1.600 px, greater than the usual FHD (1.920 x 1.080 px), so sharpness is high.Use a 16:10 ratio, more comfortable for web navigation, office or social networks than panoramic 16: 9 (devised for video especially).

We enjoy a good color, high brightness and wide vision angles, so the convert makes a good role in multimedia.The touch screen is protected by Gorilla Glass, with a good answer, it also uses Wacom Feel technology in charge of the touch pencil.

Acer Spin 3 integrates two speakers into the upper song, where the hinge joins the body with the screen.This position allows the sound to be heard well in any position, as they will never be covered by a surface.In addition, they have quality dts audio in reproduction.

In general, it seems to us that the audio is simply correct, with sufficient volume that does not distort, although neither excessively blunt, so to listen to music or other multimedia uses we may be interested in headphones.

Intel Core of 11th generation under command

The new Acer Spin 3 opts for 11th generation Intel Core processors (we have several versions), which thanks to its manufacture at 10 Nm offer greater energy efficiency, some more power and superior 3D graphics thanks to the new Intel Iris XE Graphic Unit XE.

We will obtain an experience of fluid use on a day -to -day basis, even in those tasks that demand some power.We already commented that Spin 3 is a versatile laptop, and we can use it for entertainment, work or studies without finding limitations, although not at the level of models oriented to professional creators such as the Acer Conceptd 3 Ezel.

Acer Spin 3 has Intel Evo certification, which confirms that it meets certain performance requirements in practice: it starts in less than 1 second, it exceeds 9 hours of autonomy and integrates WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 at the connectivity level.

These are the hardware components inside the Acer Spin 3 sp313-51n (

  1. Intel Core i5-1135G7 como procesador (4 núcleos/8 hilos a 2,4 GHz, fabricado a 10 nm, potencia 28 W TPD).
  2. Intel Iris Xe como tarjeta gráfica.
  3. 8 GB de memoria RAM LPDDR4x.
  4. 512 GB de almacenamiento SSD PCIe (incluye ranura microSD).

As we have already mentioned, there are different versions of the laptop, whose power level varies a lot, adapting to the needs of different user profiles.

When playing, the integrated Intel Iris XE graph does a decent role in the gaming.We are not facing a laptop designed for video games, but Intel 3D performance improvements in the 11th generation Core allow you to enjoy current not very demanding titles (in low configurations).

For example, Fortnite goes fluid, although the level of detail is lowering, while genshin impact moves very well.Even GTA V (who has already behind him) works properly, and also Gears 5 is playable, although he does not display his visual potential.

We have passed the PCMark 8 (a benchmark or performance test), which has obtained 4.573 points in the home accelerated 3 mode.0:

Also the 3D Mark graphic performance test, where Acer Spin 3 has achieved 1.518 points:

Storage is a key element for the fluidity of a current PC, and in Acer Spin 3 we get a good experience thanks to its SSD PCIE.The system turns fast on, apps load immediately and everything moves well.

We have passed the Crystaldiskmark test, with speeds of 1.454 MB/s in reading and about 995 mb/s in writing, good brands.

In Acer Spin 3 we have Wi-Fi 6 (AX) connectivity, based on the Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 Ax1650 chip, a standard clearly higher than Wi-Fi 5 (AC).We may not have a Wi -Fi 6 router to take advantage of it at this time, but they are already becoming common, so it is a positive appearance.

In addition, the two USB C ports also support Intel's Thunderbolt 4 standard.Allows you to transfer data up to 40 GBPS speed and connect two 4K or one 8K external monitors (although most users will opt for the HDMI 2 output.0b for video).

Touch screen and active stylus

Acer Spin 3 keyboard is gum type, quite solid plastic finish and with a sufficient route to write comfortably.Regarding the touchpad, it is wide, with a satisfactory physical click and responds well.

Acer Spin 3 brings included in the sales box in Acer Active Stylus tactile pencil (based on Wacom Aes 1 technology.0).In fact, the pencil is housed in the portable body, so it is very easy to transport it, thus reducing the risk of loss.In addition, the equipment itself loads it, and only 15 seconds of connection offer us 90 minutes of use of the stylus.

It measures about 13 cm long and is fine, so it is not as comfortable in the hand as rivals of the Apple Pencil style, but the ergonomics in general is good.Being an active pencil offers 4.096 Pressure levels (which bring experience to a real pencil) and a multifunction button.

Windows 10 includes a wide support for Stylus, including the Microsoft Edge browser, apps such as onenote and system integration, such as the possibility of drawing on screenshots or the inclusion of a rule and other virtual tools.

Although our review unit did not bring them, there are Acer Spin 3 models with backlit keyboard and fingerprint sensor, placed in a corner of the touchpad.The fingerprint sensor is especially useful, since it allows us to log in and identify in certain services quickly through Windows Hello.

Regarding the webcam of HD resolution and with double microphone, it seems adequate, within the average between the portable websites:

Battery for the whole day

A 48 -WH battery is integrated in Acer Spin 3, which the manufacturer estimates that it can offer up to 15 hours of autonomy, always depending on the requirement of the tasks performed, brightness level and other factors.

In our tests we have been able to see Netflix for 10 hours and 58 minutes in a row, using wifi with the brightness and 50% volume.It is a very good result, and with this autonomy we can often dispense with the charger when we use Acer Spin 3 in mobility.

The team also offers fast charge, which allows to obtain up to 4 hours of autonomy with only 30 minutes plugged in.It is not one of the fastest in the market, but always represents an interesting extra.

The 65 W charger included is of a small size, but uses a DC connector instead of the recent USB C.We would like the food block to go directly to the plug, a more modern format to have it in the middle of the cable.

Windows 10 with preinstalled software

In the command of the Spin 3, Windows 10 Home of 64 Bits is included, which thanks to its good support for touch pencils takes advantage of the Acer Active Stylus.As expected, the operating system is fluid and responds very well.

At integrated software level, the truth is that Acer usually sinning of adding too many pre -installed programs.Some are useful for a good part of the users, others may interest us depending on our needs and others are clearly advertising (something that helps to keep under the sale price of the PC).

Among the useful software is Acer Care Center, in charge of keeping the Spin 3, or Acer Quick Access updated and optimized.

We will spend a time deciding which programs interest us and which are not, but it is possible to uninstall them all.Of course, we must not only blame Acer, because Microsoft includes more apps in Windows 10 with little or no utility.

On whether the PC is compatible with Windows 11, for now it is not known exactly what models can be updated, but it seems that Acer Spin 3 will access this new free version.In principle, it meets the requirements of Windows 11 and the official Microsoft assistant indicates that it will be compatible.

An off -road convertible

The last Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N seems to us an interesting convertible laptop, which is balanced in all its aspects, and that through its 360º convertible format adapts to all kinds of uses, including work, studies, leisure, light gaming orDesign, thanks to integrated stylus.

The 13.3 -inch screen and the weight of 1.5 kg make Acer Spin 3 (without being an ultraport), which together with its considerable autonomy make it a good alternative for mobility if we also wantThe versatility of a convertible.

In general, Acer Spin 3 is a convertible laptop to take into account if we want to renew our team and look for a PC capable of covering all kinds of needs with a competitive price.

Purchase: Acer Spin 3 (Amazon)

Acer Spin 3 strengths in our review

  1. Pantalla 2K en formato convertible.
  2. Stylus activo incluido.
  3. Buen rendimiento, con una gráfica integrada muy digna.
  4. Batería de elevada duración.
  5. Amplia conectividad, incluyendo Thunderbolt 4, HDMI y WiFi 6.

Weak Acer Spin 3 points in our review

  1. Demasiado software preinstalado.
  2. Altavoces integrados que no pasan de correctos.

Our assessment

  1. Diseño: 8
  2. Pantalla: 8
  3. Hardware: 8
  4. Autonomía: 9
  5. Cámara: 7
  6. Software: 7
  7. Precio: 9
  8. Puntuación global: 8

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