About the Samsung Pay platform: we discover everything for you

About the Samsung Pay platform: we discover everything for you

About the Samsung Pay platform: we discover everything for you

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Discover the new banks that have joined the Samsung Pay platform in Spain

Mobile payments have come a long way since Apple kicked off with its Apple Pay in 2014. Google introduced Android Pay in 2015, and Samsung joined the dance with its own Samsung Pay platform. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the Samsung Pay platform so that you are well informed.

Chase Pay now works with Samsung Pay

Chase and Samsung have joined forces. The companies announced that Chase Pay customers with Samsung Galaxy smartphones would now be able to link their account to Samsung Pay.

The new partnership means that Chase Pay will be accepted basically anywhere credit cards are accepted, as it will be able to use Samsung's Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), or NFC, for payments. Plus, you'll also earn Samsung Reward points as well as Chase Ultimate Rewards points with every purchase you make.

Samsung Pay also offers Cash Back

Just a few weeks after adding support for PayPal, Samsung Pay is adding another big feature: Cash Back.

With Cash Back, Samsung has partnered with leading retailers to create exclusive offers for Samsung Pay users. Here's how it works: simply tap on the cash back feature and view the selection of offers available. If you take advantage of one of the exclusive offers, you will instantly get cash back in your Samsung Pay wallet.

To start, Samsung has partnered with a small group of retailers including Walmart, Etsy, Warby Parker, and Instacart. We expect the number of businesses participating in the Cash Back program to increase as more Samsung users take advantage of exclusive Samsung Pay offers.


Since Samsung Pay works in different countries, the company has had to work with different banks and credit card providers to ensure the service is accessible to its users.

Below is a breakdown of the banks and type of cards that work in each country.

Samsung Pay in the United States

Since Samsung Pay works in different countries, the company has had to work with banks and credit card providers to ensure the service is accessible to its users. Here's a breakdown of the banks and card issuers that work with Samsung Pay in each country.

Samsung Pay works with most major credit cards in the US and the company is always trying to add more to the list.

In fact, Samsung added PayPal to its list of growing partners in July 2017, but it hasn't been until now that real support for paying with PayPal has been activated.

PayPal was previously introduced as a payment option on iTunes and the Apple App Store, but Samsung's integration goes a step further, allowing users to access a PayPal virtual card to make transactions at brick-and-mortar merchants across the country. .

Through Samsung Pay, users will be able to withdraw from their PayPal balance the same as with a standard debit card.

However, Samsung Pay's proprietary Magnetic Secure Transaction (MST) technology means you'll even be able to use funds stored in your wallet on legacy payment terminals that lack NFC functionality.

Additionally, Discover cards are also available on the platform. Discover had been listed as a primary partner in August 2015, when Samsung Pay was announced, and had committed to support in 2016, though the service's rollout took a little longer to get off the ground.

So now, Samsung Pay now cooperates with all major US credit card networks for contactless transactions.

Moreover, the South Korean giant claims that its mobile payment service has already reached 5 million registered users and has processed around $500 million in its first six months of existence.

And when it comes to security, Samsung Pay is powered by Samsung's Knox security software, which is widely regarded as one of the best security systems for mobile devices.

Like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay does not store personal account numbers on the user's device and protects credit card information every time a purchase is made. If you lose your phone, you can remotely lock and disable it to disable access to Samsung Pay in Samsung's Find My Mobile feature.

Samsung Pay in Spain

As of June 20, 2019, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has confirmed the availability of the Samsung Pay service for all Kutxabank and Cajasur customers. These customers will be able to make purchases and payment transactions through their smartphones and smart watches. On the other hand, the Samsung Pay community, with more than two million registered users in Spain, will be able to include Kutxabank and Cajasur cards on the platform and thus expand your mobile payment options.

With the incorporation of Kutxabank and Cajasur, Samsung Pay continues to expand its network of agreements to offer the best service to platform users and facilitate the payment method in any type of situation. It should be noted that Spain was the first European country to offer this mobile payment service which, worldwide, is available on 5 continents and 24 countries.

Samsung Pay can be used in any establishment with a POS or contactless card reader, using NFC technology. Users only have to register their debit or credit card on their device and bring it close to the POS or the card reader of the establishment. A notification alerts the user once the payment has been made.

What other countries support Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is currently available in the US on all major carrier networks, as well as in other countries such as Spain, the UK and China. Samsung is always adding more and more countries to its support list, with the most recent additions being Italy and Mexico. If you're not sure if Samsung Pay works in your country, the best way to find out is by visiting the main Samsung Pay website.

International launches continue thanks to Samsung's extended partnership with MasterCard overseas, helping Samsung Pay break into Europe.

It is also compatible with Visa and American Express, along with other major payment networks. The full list can be found here. In addition, Samsung has signed a partnership with the point of sale equipment company Verifone.


Samsung Pay is limited to the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, Gear S2, and Galaxy J7 Pro. It also now works with the Samsung smartwatch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport, and you don't need to connect a Samsung phone for it to work.

With the J7 Pro receiving support, Samsung has finally expanded its mobile payment system to non-flagship smartphones.

Another budget device, the J7 Max, will receive Samsung Pay Mini, a lighter version of the software that is designed for online payments only. Both phones are expected to be available in India, where the J-series is very popular.

Samsung PayMini

Samsung also released Samsung Pay Mini, a stripped down version of Samsung Pay designed to work on other Android phones, and not just those made by Samsung.

What is the difference? Samsung Pay Mini is for online payments only. Offline payments, which are those used in stores, will require ownership of a Samsung phone and the full Samsung Pay app.

The app is compatible with Android phones running version 5.0 Lollipop and later, as long as the device's screen has a resolution greater than 1,280 x 720 pixels, which should cover most models released in recent years.

In addition to online payments, the app will introduce Samsung Pay features for membership cards, transportation cards and other options. And it will have a Shopping feature that connects directly with local online malls that partner with Samsung.


At the Unpacked event that took place this morning in New York, Samsung revealed its new cell phone, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. But it also showed us a new way to use Samsung Pay on websites and other online services: Samsung Pass.

But what exactly does it do? Well, the main objective is to make Samsung Pay easier to use, so Samsung Pass stores your passwords and allows you to use your biometric data such as your fingerprint to access the service. That means you no longer have to spend time remembering your passwords for each service.

It's a very user-friendly feature and Samsung hopes that this facility will help people get more interested in Samsung Pay and actually start using it.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on June 21, 2019.

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