The new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé

The new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé

The new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé

A redesigned frontal section creates an exterior appearance that is as dynamic as it is elegant.In addition, all model variants of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Great Coupé series come with a M Sport package.This means that the cabin also conveys an even more concentrated impression of the pleasure of driving.Management comfort and connectivity are optimized by an expanded 12.3 -inch control screen for the BMW IDRive system.

More than ever, Luxury sports vehicles of the BMW 8 series embody the passion for inspiring performance and exclusive style.The BMW kidney -shaped grid "iconic Glow", which is standard in all the variants of the model, now adds a particularly expressive accentuation abroad.Inside, Merino individual BMW leather upholstery, now a serial characteristic, contributes to the luxurious environment.

Vehículo deportivo de lujo en tres variantes de carrocería

The new edition of the BMW Series 8 provides an especially emotional impulse for the current brand models offensive in the luxury performance segment.

There are three individual vehicle characters to choose from, each of them offers their own distinctive interpretation of this fascinating combination of sports and luxury style.The BMW 8 Series Coupé embodies the classic form of the two -door body, so it remains firm in the tradition of the legendary sports cars of the brand, combining elegant lines with dynamic driving characteristics.The BMW 8 Coupé Series developed in parallel with the BMW M8 GTE resistance racing car.

The BMW 8 convertible series combines sports performance with the highest level of exclusivity, as well as the distinctive attractiveness of the pleasure of driving in the open sky.

Its classic textile hood can be opened or closed totally automatically in 15 seconds just by touching a button.

The range is completed with a vehicle concept that combines the typical BMW dynamic performance with a clear advantage in terms of space and suitability for long distances.As a four -door model with an exceptionally high level of comfort in the rear seats for a sports vehicle, the BMW 8 Gran Coupé series occupies an exceptional position in the luxury segment.Its outstanding performance characteristics result from the fact that it is the only model in its competitive field derived directly from a two -door sports vehicle: the BMW 8 Coupé Series.

La elección idónea: potente motor V8 de gasolina y tracción integral

These models start the power of their 4.4 -liter V8 engine and 390 kW/530 HP with the help of intelligent integral traction.It is the ideal choice for an individual experience of exclusive dynamic performance that offers an BMW 8 Series, not only in terms of diversity of vehicle concepts, but also depending on driving technology.The BMW M850i XDrive Coupé (combined fuel consumption: 9.26 - 9.43 km/l; combined emissions of CO2: 242 - 247 g/km, according to WLTP), the BMW M850i XDRive convertible (combined fuel consumption: 9.17 - 9.26 km/l; combined CO2 emissions: 246 - 248 g/km, according to WTLP) and the BMW M850I XDRive Gran Coupé (combined fuel consumption: 9.09 - 9.26 km/l; combined CO2 emissions: 246 - 252 g/km, according toWLTP).

THE 8 X JEFF KOONS: Precisión, sofisticación y artesanía en una edición limitada

The design style and dynamic performance of the new BMW Series 8 are fascinating, not only on the road.For the American artist Jeff Koons, they serve as a source of inspiration for the edition of the BMW 850i XDrive Gran Coupé that he has designed, which will be presented for the first time on February 17, 2022. The 8 x Jeff Koons embodies precision, sophistication and crafts.A multilayer finish in eleven colors creates a very expressive appearance.Meanwhile, the impressive interior atmosphere is characterized by the finest leather and other exquisite materials, along with the rich red and blue tones of BMW M GmbH and the signature of an engraved artist.

Jeff Koons and BMW Group are linked by an association that dates back more than a decade.In 2010 he designed the BMW M3 GT2 Art Car that participated in the 24 hours of Le Mans.This new project arose to commemorate the 50th anniversary of BMW Group's global commitment to culture.The limited edition is manufactured at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing.This makes The 8 X Jeff Koons an exceptionally exclusive combination of art and pleasure of driving in a BMW luxury sports vehicle.

Diseño exterior. Acentos frescos para un rendimiento dinámico fascinante

The striking design surfaces and the lines drawn precisely ensure a sports elegance in the body design of the three BMW series models in line with the brand's current design style.Its appearance indicates dynamic performance, exclusivity and progressive aesthetics.Regardless of the body shape, the BMW 8 series represents an unmistakable style that leaves a lasting impression.Just a few weeks after the market launch of the third body variant, the entire BMW Series 8 received the "gold steering wheel" as the "most attractive car of the year" according to a readers survey conducted by Auto Bild and Bild AM Sonntag.

El nuevo BMW Serie 8 Coupé, el nuevo BMW Serie 8 Convertible y el nuevo BMW Serie 8 Gran Coupé

The BMW 8 Coupé series is presented as a low profile vehicle with an elongated silhouette and an awning line that flows elegantly towards the powerful rear.

A widely widened lateral section and wide track widths indicate the dynamic driving potential of the two -door model.Its awning, optionally manufactured in carbon fiber polymer (CFRP), presents a central cleft reminiscent of the double curvature known as the "double bubble" in classical racing cars.

The BMW 8 convertible series also presents dynamic lines with its target target boss with voltage bar.The canvas cape is flat in its compartment when it opens.When the awning is open, the harmonious design of the outside and the interior is in sight.The occupants of the vehicle are surrounded by coherent design surfaces that extend from the dashboard to the doors of the doors and from the rear to the compartment of the hood.

In addition to its distinctive proportions, the exterior design of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé also presents lateral and rear sections of characteristic design.

In addition, the four -door model has a wheelbase that is 201 millimeters longer than the BMW 8 Coupé series with 3,023 millimeters.Front of the redesigned vehicle, serial M Sport package.

The widely modified design of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Great Coupé series gives an even more intense emphasis to the performance character and the extravagant presence of these luxury sports cars. All model variants are now equipped with a standard M Sport package. As a result, they have aerodynamically optimized body characteristics finished in the color of the body in the front and rear skirt area, as well as in the side skirts. The large lower air intakes in the front are now structured by horizontal struts. The insertion of the diffuser into the rear skirt is finished in Dark Shadow metallic. The now even more sporty appearance is completed with 19 -inch M light al alloy wheels with double radius design and equipped with mixed tires. In addition, the standard equipment now includes a sports brake system with blue -finished warmipers.

The three particularly powerful V8 models, BMW M850i XDrive Coupé, BMW M850I XDRive Convertible and BMW M850I XDRive Gran Coupé, also continue to leave the production line with specific design characteristics of M.

In addition, they now have for the first time with m mirrors aerodynamically optimized, in a design that originally developed exclusively for high -performance sports vehicles BMW M8.In addition, the air flow is even more precisely guided by a front wing and, in the new BMW M850i XDrive Coupé, also by means of a rear wing M. In addition, the standard equipment of the three main models of the range includes aParticularly powerful version of the sports brake system M, the sports differential M and light alloy wheels of 20 inches with radios design in Y, with mixed tires.

These features are also included in the M M Sports Package Pro optional for the 6 -cylinder models of the new BMW Series 8.

In addition, like the new M Performance package for 8 -cylinder models, it includes M High Gloss Shadow Line with expanded functions, black -colored waripers, M Shadow Line lights with dark insertions (first available) and a rear part withSpoiler is black for the BMW 8 Series Coupé.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of BMW M GMBH, all models of the new BMW 8 series are also offered with an option that indicates a special link with traditional enthusiasm for car races.As an option, all the new BMW 8 models have the classic “BMW Motorsport” logo in the chest, the back gate and the wheel cubes covers instead of the usual BMW emblems.With its staggered semicircles in blue, purple and red, the emblem of the anniversary recalls the original registered brand of BMW M GMBH that was first used in race cars in 1973.

BMW grill with illuminated edge, new exterior paint finishes

The adaptive LED headlights with variable distribution of light, adaptive curve lights and the BMW Beam non -slip road light assistant come standard in these luxury sports.As an optional extra, BMW's laser light is offered with a especially long road light reach.In addition, BMW's kidney -shaped grill between the headlights now adds a striking accentuation at the head of all BMW's new 8 series models.It comes standard with the BMW “iconic Glow”: waterfall lighting for the two elements of the kidney -shaped grid creates a particularly extravagant expression when the new BMW 8 series is seen from the front.The lighting is activated as soon as the vehicle opens and the driver can turn it on or off manually.

In addition, the characteristic refrigeration air entry of the brand has redesigned bars on the grill with a distinctive U profile.The M logo on the BMW M grill of the BMW M850i xDrive Coupé, BMW M850i XDRive Convertible and BMW M850i XDrive Gran Coupé is a reference to belonging to the family of BMW M models, as well as the performance of the V8 engine installed behind the grillof the radiator.

There is an option of four new outer body finishes for luxury sports vehicles.Skyscraper Gray Metal, San Remote Green Metal, M Portimao Blue Metal and BMW Individual Frozen Tanzanite Blue Metal are additional variants that give an individual emphasis on the style of modern design from abroad.

In addition, additional versions of the Light alloy wheels Optionally available in 20 -inch format are available for new BMW 8 series models.Meanwhile, the new 20 -inch Light alloy wheels are also offered as part of the BMW original accessories range for the 8 -cylinder models of the range.

Interior y equipamiento. Redefinición del ambiente lujoso de un vehículo deportivo

When designing the interior of the BMW Series 8 models, a unique balance was achieved between driver -oriented dynamic performance and exclusive elegance.The general environment of the interior combines the pleasure of driving, modern aesthetics and individual luxury.A defining element of interior design are its lines ahead.This is further accentuated with the environmental light light, which illuminates with style the contours of the board and the thresholds of the doors.

A leather M leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons and change cams for the manual gear selection of the 8 -speed Steptronic Sport transmission now comes standard in all the new BMW models of the BMW Series 8. In the BMW M850i XDrive Coupé, the BMW M850iXDRive Convertible and the BMW M850i XDrive Gran Coupé, the leather steering wheel M presents a specific central radio design of the model along with decorative seams in the colors of BMW M GmbH.Raising to the dashboard in the front and clearly separating the areas of the driver and the front passenger, the wide console also helps create a surprisingly sports atmosphere.

In the BMW 8 Series Coupé, as in the BMW 8 convertible series, there are two rear seats, each with the distinctive nature of an individual seat.The second BMW 8 Series Gran Coupécomplete security.This means that four -door luxury sports car is in fact designed as 4+1 seats.Your standard equipment now also includes automatic air conditioning of 4 areas with separate temperature and air volume control for the rear.

The multifunction seats and the Merino individual BMW leather upholstery with expanded characteristics are now standard in all the variants of the model.

The M Sport package, which is standard in all models of the new BMW Series 8, also gives inside an aura that is oriented towards the pleasure of concentrated driving.Other factors that contribute, in addition to the leather M steering wheel, are the inner awning m of anthracite color, the stainless steel M pedals, the resapiés of the M driver and the specific rugs.The threshold of the enlightened doors and the screen in the instrument group present the registration of the BMW M "M850i" vehicle model and the M logo respectively.Together with the M Sports Package Pro for 6 -cylinder models and the M Performance Package for 8 -cylinder models, the interior design is complemented with black safety belts with decorative stripes in the colors of BMW M GmbH.

In addition, the basic equipment of the variants of the 6 -cylinder model has been extended to include the multifunction seats that were only standard at the BMW M 850i XDrive Coupé, the BMW M 850i XDrive convertible and the BMW M 850i XDrive Gran Coupé.Multifunction seats offer not only excellent side support during dynamic curves, but also a high level of comfort in long distances.Its rank of functions includes a lumbar support.The headrests are visually integrated into backups and can be adjusted both in height and in depth as necessary.The adjustment of the seat position, the backwater width and the support for the thighs is made electrically.The memory function for driver and front passenger seats is also a serial feature.

Multifunction seats are combined with MERINO INDIVIDUAL BMW LEATHER UPHICKEND with expanded functions.The latter is available in a variety of colors, including particularly elegant bicolor versions.Board surfaces and doors are also upholstered in leather, standard.

The galvanized surfaces of the frames of lateral air exits and decorative strips in the area of the doors are also harmoniously coordinated, which allows the handles to integrate with special style as closing closures.In line with this, the controls for the electric glass, the blockade of the doors and the memory function of the seat integrated in the doors thresholds now also have galvanized surfaces in all the models of the BMW Series 8.

BMW Live Cockpit Professional now with an expanded control screen to 12.3 inches.(Equipment depending on the market).

The new BMW Series equipment 8 Coupé series, the new BMW 8 convertible series and the new BMW 8 Gran Coupé series includes the BMW Live Cockpit Professional.Its fully digital screen network consists of a group of instruments of 12.3 inches behind the steering wheel and a control screen whose screen diagonal has now increased from 10.25 to 12.3 inches.The tactile function of the large on board monitor allows particularly fast, comfortable and intuitive handling of numerous vehicle functions.

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional system includes BMW's intelligent personal assistant, the BMW Head-Up Display, the wireless intelligent phone integration through wireless LAN and a multimedia system.In addition, the standard equipment, including the high loyalty speakers system, wireless telephony, BMW Display Key and comfort access, underlines the luxurious and progressive character of the new BMW 8 series models.

La elección de sistemas de serie y opcionales para conducción y estacionamiento automatizados también es amplia. El nuevo BMW Serie 8 cuenta con Driving Assistant. El sistema Parking Assistant, que también viene de serie, incluye cámara de visión trasera, Active PDC y asistente de marcha atrás. Otro extra opcional es el sistema Driving Assistant Professional, cuya gama de funciones también incluye Active Cruise Control con función Stop & Go, así como asistencia de dirección y guía de carril.

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