What is AWS and why does half internet depend on them?

What is AWS and why does half internet depend on them?

What is AWS and why does half internet depend on them?

Officially launched in 2006, it provides online services for other web or apps on the client side.He is accessed by HTTP, using Rest and Soap protocols.All services are billed based on use, but this depends on one service and another.In June 2007 AWS already had a user base of about 180 thousand people.In June 2007, they said that 330.000 developers had registered to use Amazon Web Services.On April 20, 2011, some parts of AWS suffered an important cut, for which they needed 2 days to fully recover.

In June 2012, several websites based on Amazon Web Services lost the connection to the network due to a strong storm in Virginia del Norte, where is its largest data center.On October 22 of that same year, there was an important interruption that affected services such as Foursquare, Pinterest, Reddit and others.That same night, AWS suffered a light cut that led to the fall of various services, such as Netflix.

In 2020 it was confirmed that Amazon Web Services would train thousands of professionals in technologies such as data sciences, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and Apps development.

More recently, in mid -December 2021 there has been a new fall in the service that affected many websites and platforms that depend on it, the second blackout within a maximum period of a week.On December 9, the service was turned off for a total of 7 hours.On December 22, a new fall by an electricity cut.Three falls in the same month and in such a short term the criticisms of the users have aroused, although some were solved quickly and the service works normally.

It is used by large companies such as the aforementioned and many more, in addition to some Spaniards such as Interflora, Mapfre or FC Barcelona.The service has matured considerably over time and with respect to similar ones, in addition to offering many tools that adapt to all types of businesses.

What is and services included

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are several public cloud computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform.Amazon offers them and are used in popular apps such as Foursquare, Dropbox or Hootsuite.It consists of one of the most important cloud computing offers, competing with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.Its data centers are found in the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Europe and Singapore.Specifically, AWS is in 18 geographical regions today, although they can increase.

It has a wide variety of services such as storage, databases, messaging, security, mobiles and many others.In total, it provides more than 50 services quickly and easily to companies.Provides high security, so you don't have to worry about it.You can use services in an innovative way thanks to their advanced characteristics, and even includes capabilities to audit, control and manage identity, use and configuration to adapt to your needs, but also to current legislation and regulations.They are easy, quick to install, without obligation, they adapt to you and are safe.

The services are in the following categories: AWS cost administration, administration and government, storage, analysis, business applications, database, block chain, containers, video game development, customer habilitation, developer tools, computer science,Computer science for end users, applications integration, internet of things, Machine Learning, Migration and Transfer, Mobile, Quantum Technologies, RA and RV, Networks and Delivery of Content, Robotics, Satellite, Security, Identity, Identity and Conformity and Multimedia Services.

¿Qué es AWS y por qué medio Internet depende de ellos?

You will find a large amount of services such as Lambda, Barch, Amazon Braket, IAM, Amazon Macie, Inspector, Cloudformation, EC2, Lingsail, RDS, Neptune, Medialive, Mediaconnect and many others, in each of its categories, for what best bestis that you know what your needs are and navigate on the platform until they find them or make new discoveries.

AWS prices

All services used are paid during the time you use them, with complex licenses or long -term contracts.It is a payment system for use in its more than 160 services in the cloud, so it may cost you to calculate how much you are going to pay in case you use the service if you are going to use several and the payment is for use.Yes you can estimate it taking into account your use habits.In addition, one of the advantages of its price policy is that you will save with the commitment, since there are savings in the modality on demand with the commitment to use a specific amount of a service or category for a period of 1 or 3 years, in additionthat you will pay less the more you use what Amazon offers you.

If you want to know the price of each of the services, you will have to go to this page, move below where it puts service prices and choose the one you are interested in selecting the category before.Once you have done it, a new page will appear with general information about what can cost you and how to access more detailed information about prices.You will also know how much the free level offers to know what you will save using each Amazon product.There are products where you will see their prices much better, while in others the calculation is a bit more complicated.For example, the storage of the first 50 TB/month will be $ 0.023 per GB and will be reduced according to more consumed.

A very interesting tool that you will find in them is the price calculator.It is under the information, you will see if you are going down the page to additional resources, also in this link.It will help you estimate the price of services that interest you according to your possible consumption.This is interesting if you know the use you usually give of it or you can get an idea, although it only makes an estimate based on the data that you indicate.

Start using it

Now that you know what this set of Amazon services consists of, we tell you how you can start using it from your computer or mobile, we will also start commenting on howmanage your control panel and start using services to take advantage of your advantages.Once you have registered, you will give you from the page the option to log in to the console when you access the web.The iOS app is this one, that of Android this and in the Amazon store you can get it here.

Free Amazon Web Services

With the free level of AWS, you can acquire free free experience with the platform, its products or services.Any user can benefit from all customer accounts.You just have to create a free account to explore the more than 100 products they have, with 3 types of free offers according to the product you use.You will enjoy them for free for 12 months after their initial registration date, with free or free tests forever.

In this way, you can search between these options or the most outstanding or in different categories of products depending on what you need or want.You will see the existing offers with information about them, and you can choose those that interest you to take advantage of them with the limits indicated in each of them.

How to register

To register you must go to the top of the page on the right, where you put this option.Once you do, you will appear on a page where you should indicate your email, password, account name and follow the indicated steps.You can also log in to an existing account from the same place, below everything.They will ask you how you plan to use it, who to contact and accept the terms of use.The next thing they will do is ask for your credit card information.They will not charge you for the use under the limits of the free modality, although 1 euro will have you for a period of 3 to 5 days to verify your identity.They will connect with your bank once you enter the data.Verify and continue.You may have to confirm it with your bank if necessary.

The next thing you will do will be to verify your identity, for which they request your phone to call or send an SMS (as you prefer).They will send you a message, you must write the code that comes to you on the next screen.

The next step is to select a support plan for your account.Basic level support is free, the Developer is from $ 29 per month and business from $ 100 per month.You can even opt for the Enterprise level, with response times in 15 minutes from 15.000 dollars per month. Los puedes comparar aquí por si tienes dudas. Cuando hayas elegido el que te interesa, da a finalizar registro.

How to use AWS

When you activate your account, an email will get warning that the process has been completed.You can go to the Administration console, identifying yourself as a root or IAM user and indicating your email.

In the administration console you can consult the services looking in the search engine above or in its categories.You will also see the recently visited and all services.In addition, you can create below a solution with simple assistants and automated workflows.Thus you can create applications in 6 minutes with Elastic Beanstalk, launch a virtual machine with EC2 in just over 2 minutes, record a route 53 domain, migrate to AWS in less than 2 minutes, connect an Internet of things device in 5 minutesWith Aws IoT and many other possibilities.Below you can learn the fundamental aspects of AWS, choose a learning route or explore complete resources.

To the right, where you see your name next to the country, you can give it to see and manage your account, organization, service quotas, billing panel and security credentials.You can also close a session from there.In each of the options you will find several configuration possibilities, for example, in billing you will see details of invoices, payments, credits, purchase orders and much more.You can create an organization or see your invitations.In Service Quotas you will find the services, applied quota value, predetermined value, if it is adjustable and other options.You can give each service to see more information and request fee increase.

To start using one of its services, you just have to select it and follow the operating indications of each of them.You can inform yourself about him before starting, and taking advantage of those that correspond free of charge according to the established limitations.They also have more than 500 free digital courses.

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