What is Wimax?

What is Wimax?

What is Wimax?

Wimax is a type of Internet connection that is spoken little, partly because it is used rather in rural areas.Now we will tell you what is the wimax connection, what is it for and who is directed, among other curiosities.

Nowadays Internet access is almost a necessity, but depending on where we live it is possible that we find a connection possibilities or other.

Wimax, as we have already advanced, is a wireless Internet connection method that is used in rural areas where there is neither ADSL or fiber optic.

Wifi 6, Wifi 5 and Wifi 4, the new names for wireless networks

Wimax corresponds to the acronym Worldwide interoperability for microwave access, which in Spanish means "global interoperability for microwave access".

If the name sounds like Wifi it is because both are standards of the same international organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.While there is the wimax forum to manage it, the technical name of the standard is IEEE 802.16 Man, with the acronym of its creators in principle.

The operation of Wimax is very similar to the coverage of a mobile, since the signal that the Wimax router receives is transmitted through repeaters that, depending on the distance at which our home from the repeater is located, will have a better oneor worse Internet connection.

In a way, Wimax is like a wifi with a range of several kilometers, and at the time it was raised as a technology for 4G mobile networks, but in the end Lte Advanced was selected.

¿Qué es WiMAX?

We must make it clear that Wimax does not belong to any specific operator, but that it is the method through which the router signal from the operator's central signal obtains, just as the ADSL or the optical fiber can be.

Wimax repeaters are usually found on the outskirts of the city and are operated by different companies, using frequencies between 2.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz, according to the regulation of each country.

In wimax the range ranges ranges from 30 to 80 km, from the repeater to the router.In the case of rural facilities, an external parabolic antenna is usually necessary to obtain the best possible performance.

The speed, as is the case with the ADSL, is usually asymmetric, so there is a different speed of up and down.

Wimax speeds

As we can imagine, being an alternative satellite internet connection system in areas where there is no cable connection, we must take into account that speed is quite variable.

The theoretical transmission speed can be about 70 Mbps (35 Mbps in descent + 35 Mbps on rise), although operators usually offer lower figures, between 3 Mbps and 25 Mbps, as the performance is irregular.

It is not a bad speed to the Internet but, as we say, as it is a wireless Internet connection, the speed varies constantly.

Wimax networks can also be used at the business level.For example, to reinforce the connection between mobile phone antennas ("backhaul") or connect buildings of companies separated by a few kilometers, where 1 Gbps can be reached using specific equipment.

How to hire a wimax Internet connection

There are several operators, mostly local, who offer this type of services at a fairly good price, since they usually around 35 euros per month depending on the operator we hired.

Prices vary, although most companies receive public aid or subsidies to expand Internet access in poorly populated areas.

In the case of Wimax connections, we must know what the operators we have, since they usually vary depending on the geographical area where we are except for some such as, for example, Eurona, of the few with this connection at the level of all of Spain.

To find some Wimax distributors we recommend that you report you in stores near your place of residence, since some businesses focused on other businesses also offer information about this type of local operators.

Some companies that offer rural broadband per wimax are the following:

  1. JetNet (nacional).
  2. Internet Canarias.
  3. Galicia Fibra.
  4. Intermax (Galicia).
  5. Wololot (Galicia).
  6. Excom (Comunidad Valenciana, Castilla y León y Castilla-La Mancha).
  7. MésWiFi (Cataluña).
  8. AirCom (Cataluña).
  9. Embou (Aragón y Navarra).

The area where there are more repeaters is in Catalonia.On the other hand, in some regions such as Ceuta and Melilla there is not this type of connection.

As we see, Wimax is one of the solutions where there is neither ADSL or fiber optic, as it is a system designed to be used by a limited number of users, since if the Wimax network would offer us a slow connection and with a high latency.

What is Wifi Direct used?

What do you think of the Wimax connection?Did you know this type of Internet access?

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